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ADA Utopia Aquarium Hang On Filter 3.0W/300LPH | Aquarium Hang On Filter | Hang On Filter | NMS Aquatics
Price RM33.00
Brand ADA亚迪亚
Points Needed 33
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✔ Super quiet.
✔ Special cascade flow design, improving oxygen dissolving.
✔ Optimal flow is realised by adjustable flow regulating valve.
✔ Equips with water surface skimmer can be adjustable vertically and horizontally.
✔ Unique design of the chamber, ensures efficient absorption of the oil on the water surface skimming.


- Power: 3.0W
- Q.max: 300L/Hr

ADA Utopia Aquarium Hang On Filter 3.0W/300LPH

Quiet, External pump, Working outside of your fish tank, greatly reduce the resonance, Ensure that the filter aquarium does not create too much noise during working time. Special cascade flow design improves oxygen dissolving. Optimal Flow is Realised by Adjustable filter aquarium Flow Switch.