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Cardinal Tetra | Aquarium Fish | Characin | NMS Aquatics
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Cardinal Tetra

They are an active schooling fish, and they live peacefully in a community aquarium. The main attraction of Cardinal Tetras is their color. Their bodies are typically red and blue. A red stripe runs along the lower side from head to tail, a blue stripe sits just on top. The colors are bright, so a shoal can be a striking sight.

Cardinal Tetra

  • Origin: Characidae  Originating in South America, this species is found from the Orinoco River to the Rio Negro tributary of the Amazon River.

  • Care Level: Easy to Moderate  This species requires a mature tank that has soft acidic water.

    Lighting should be subdued as should the décor, floating plants are a good means for moderating the lighting.

    The ideal pH is below 6, and the hardness should not be above 4 dGH.

    The water temperature can encompass a broader range, from 73 to 81 degrees F (23 to 27 degrees C).

  • Size: 2 Inches  The female will have a larger more rounded belly than the male, this rounded belly can even make the blue stripe appear curved on the female, in contrast to the very straight blue stripe on the male.

  • Life Span: 4 Years  Subjecting this species to water that has a high mineral content is a recipe for poor health and shortened lifespans.