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Cladophora Aegagropila 'Marimo Moss Ball' | Aquarium Plant | Marimo| NMS Aquatics
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  • Origin: Cladophoraceae  Originated in Japan. “Moss” ball is a misnomer, as Marimo moss balls consist entirely of algae – not moss.
  • Care level: Easy  Low to moderate light is a must and water tolerance is 6 – 24°C.

  • Height: 1-4 cm  These plants are non-rooted mosses that are simply placed on the substrate.

  • Growth: Fast  To produce fresh plants from the mother plant, simply divide the ball into smaller pieces.

Cladophora Aegagropila 'Marimo Moss Ball'

It is a decorative exception from the rule about avoiding algae at all costs. It is normally found in shallow lakes, where the movement of the waves forms it into a sphere. “Marimo” is a Japanese word that means “ball algae,” and Marimo moss balls are exactly that – tangled balls of solid green algae.