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Coco Hang On Filter HF-100 (2.5w / 250lph) | Aquarium Hang On Filter | Hang On Filter | Mini Size Hang On Filter | NMS Aquatics
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Brand Coco
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Precautions for use : Before starting up the filter, must ensure the water in filter is no less than the lowest waterline, otherwise, it can’t pump out water and can affect the service life of pump. Cleaning the filter must be done when the power is off. To ensure the filter can be re-started up after the power is off, please keep the water level of aquarium above the lowest waterline.

Coco Hang On Filter HF-100 (2.5w / 250lph)

Forced Filter Box:
The biochemical cotton aded with activated carbon which in inner layer has th effect of separating the lage particles of impurities, and can remove some harmful substances such as ammonia, peculiar smell. The materials of out layer of this component is high-density cotton, and it: Is equipped with the oil firm collector. Adopts the mute design and it is reliable. Adopts the scalable design of prolonging inlet pipe. Is easy to install & maintain. Suitable for tank ≤ 35cm.