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Coco Lamp 55x8cm 36W (RGB) | Aquarium Light | Aquarium LED Light | RGB LED Light | NMS Aquatics
Price RM60.00
Brand Coco
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4 Rows LED
Power: 36W
Size: 550mm x 80mm
Suitable aquarium: 55-60cm
Colour: Red, Green, Blue & White
Changable Colour: 3 Options RGB, RGB+White, Blue & White

Coco Lamp 55x8cm 36W (RGB)

COCO LED Bracket lamp is high efficiency, long life, energy saving & cool operation. It add bright colors to your fish tank, lighter and stronger, and the color is closer to natural color.
Power: 36W
Size: 550 x 80mm
Suitable aquarium: 50-60cm
Colour: Change Colour (Red, Green, Blue & White)