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Golden Zebra Danio | Aquarium Fish | Cypirinid | NMS Aquatics
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Golden Zebra Danio

A striking colour variation of the Zebra Danio, the dark blue stripes of the normal Zebra Danio have been bred out, leaving this danio embellished with yellow-golden and white stripes. This gorgeous variety is every bit as active and hardy as its progenitors, making it a great fish for the beginning aquarist or any other fish keeper.

Golden Zebra Danio

  • Origin: Cyprinidae  Found in lower reaches of streams, canals, ditches, and ponds in Asia from Pakistan to India and as far as Myanmar.

  • Care Level: Easy  A darker color substrate will help showcase the color of these fish and gives the habitat a more natural feel.

    The temperature of the water can range from 64-77°F with a pH of 6.0-8.0.

    They are omnivorous, accepting almost any foods but they particularly enjoy small, live or frozen invertebrates and fresh vegetable matter.

    Provide good filtration and keep the tank covered to prevent jumps.

  • Size: 2.4 Inches  The females are larger and fuller-bodied than the males, which are more streamlined and slim.

  • Life Span: 4 Years  If they are provided with proper aquarium conditions.