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Green Neon Tetra | Aquarium Fish | Characin | NMS Aquatic
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Green Neon Tetra

This combination makes the green coloration the most dominant and gives them their name. They have a greyish silver base with a long turquoise colored lateral strap on either side and usually possess red and green coloration on the head, caudal fin and also ventral region. These tetras have a torpedo-shaped body with golden scales. The patterns of the fish are generally caused by parasites and hence, are not the actual colorings of the fish. The intensity of the body color is actually influenced by the lighting of the water.

Green Neon Tetra

  • Origin: Characidae  Originated in Amazon river basin in South America, the Negro and Orinoco Rivers are the most popular bodies of water.

  • Care Level: Easy to Moderate  The main thing you want to remember when it comes to water parameters is consistency; water temperature (75°F to 85°F), pH levels (5 to 6.5) and water hardness (very soft).

    They are omnivores in nature and will accept a high quality flake diet or Northfin premium foods.

  • Size: 1 Inches  Their body is quite slim-built compared to neon tetra, and it grows to a maximum length of 3.4 cms.

  • Life Span: 2-3 Years  This is shorter than their more popular counterparts.