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Precautions for use : Before starting up the filter, must ensure the water in filter is no less than the lowest waterline, otherwise, it can’t pump out water and can affect the service life of pump. Cleaning the filter must be done when the power is off. To ensure the filter can be re-started up after the power is off, please keep the water level of aquarium above the lowest waterline.


Albino Cory

It is a pinkish white in color with bright red eyes. It is very similar in appearance to the Albino Aeneus Cory, which was developed from the Bronze Corydoras Corydoras aeneus, however this variety tends to have a more orangish body.



JBL Biotopol Plus 100ml

  • JBL Biotopol Plus 100ml for aquarium water to suit both fish and plants: for setting up new aquariums, for water change and for the strengthening fish after diseases, for freshwater aquariums and for turtle tanks
  • Binds dangerous substances in tap water: neutralises copper, lead and zinc, as well as chlorine and chloramine
  • Healthy water, healthy fish: protection of mucous membrane, gills, skin and fins with aloe vera
  • Protection against stress and strengthening of the immune system thanks to vitamin B complex
  • Contents: 1 water conditioner for aquariums. To use: 10ml/40 l water. Environmentally friendly refill bag available

Albino Neon Tetra

They are all lack of red and blue color. They have a pearly white, shimmery color. This species have been a mainstay of the aquarium trade for decades.



Aquarium Water Test Kit

  • Test strips for testing 7 important water values in 1 minute: quick test for general guidance when testing aquarium, pond, well and tap water
  • Easy to use: Move the test strip in the water for 2-3 seconds. Remove the test strip. Let the water drain off sideways. Compare the test strip with the colour scale on the packaging after 1 minute. Read off the CO2 value in the table
  • Determines the following water values: chlorine, acidity (pH), general hardness (GH), toxic nitrite compound (NO2), cause of algae (NO3), pH stability (KH) and main plant nutrient (CO2 content using the table)
  • Further tests for phosphate or ammonium/ammonia etc. are available as individual tests in the JBL program
  • Package contents: test strips EasyTest 7 in 1 on colour scale and CO2 table. Contents: 50 test strips

ISTA Water Plant Soil


  • Select from natural raw material
  • Especially for the growth of creatures and plants
  • Contain trace elements
  • Stabilize pH & KH value and reduce NH3/NH4
  • helps to lower the levels of ammonia and ammonium
  • Unnecessary to wash before use

Hygrophila sp. ‘Pinnatifida’

  • Origin: Acanthaceae  It has been known to science for over 150 years, however, it has only been cultivated as aquarium plant since early 2008. 

  • Care Level: Moderate  It is tolerant of wide range of water parameters 18° – 30° C, moderate to high lighting and is an easy plant to grow with CO2 injection although it can be used reasonably well even in low tech tanks.

Provide it with sufficient amount of light and fertilizers, you may grow the emersed form of the pant. Its leaves will gradually become wider and shorter as well as get greenish coloring; the stems will grow upwards.

This Hygrophila is apparently quite susceptible to a potassium deficiency, whose symptoms are small needleprick-like holes in the older leaves.

  • Height: 3-20 Inches (Maximum)  

    Its stems grow 15-40 cm tall and 10-20 cm wide, and the colour is attractive when planted in small groups with a plain background.

  • Growth: Slow to Moderate  Intense lighting ensures compact growth due to the plant’s slow to medium growth rate. Trimmed regularly, the plant maintains its compact growth habit.

  • Breeding set for Artemia nauplii
  • Live food home - grown in 24 hours.
  • Complete cultivation equioment with stand, air pump and 1.8m air hose.
  • Harvesting container has been skilfully designed to allow the air from the aerating pump to be fed to further breeding containers.
  • Funnel shape ensure constant movement to all nauplii.

Ludwigia Repens

  • Origin : Apiaceae  Originated in Asia.

  • Care level: Easy  It prefers low to moderate lighting and water temperature 20° – 28° C.

  • Height: 12-20 Inches  Suitable as midground and background.

  • Growth: Fast  Propagation is done by taking cuttings from the main stem of the plant and replanting it.




The Bubble Airstone can be used for a long time and be washed for re-use.
The Aquarium Pond Tank Airstone increases the level of dissolved oxygen in the water.
Model: 2cm Bubble Air Stone​


-T shape airline connector.

-Fits standard 4mm internal diameter aquarium pipeline.

Notice:- 10 pieces in a packet


JBL Manado 5L Aquarium Soil

  • Water-neutral, brown substrate
  • Grain size: 1,5 - 2,5 mm
  • Ideal for burrowing fish species
  • High iron buffer

Compact size and easy to clean Removes waste materials from fish, plants and invertebrates Improves water quality for effective growth of reeds Keeps a tab on the speedy growth of algae


Suitable for Discus and all Tropical Fishes.
Feeding Guidelines-
Feed your fish 2 – 3 times a day as much as they can consume in a few minutes. Remove the uneaten fish food after the feeding time Ingredients – Fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, molluscs and crustaceans, yeast, minerals, algae, oils and fats.


JBL Proflora Ferropol 5liters

  • Primary care for water plants: basis fertiliser for freshwater aquariums
  • Vigorous plant growth, no deficiency symptoms thanks to minerals such as iron, potassium and other trace elements
  • For intensive leaf colouring thanks to its ideal concentration and compound of iron
  • Optimal promotion of plant growth means less algae growth. No phosphates and nitrates. Not harmful to crayfish and shrimp.

Product Description:

ISTA Instant Glue-
The ISTA instant gel glue can be used dry or in the water making it perfect for those imperfections or those items that just need a little fixes for aquariums and and tanks, either fresh water or marine aquascaping.
✌ - No harm to plants and animals, easily stick and dry. Used to fiix plants on driftwoods or stones. Works perfectly under water.
✌ - Get form, can be used on driftwood, stones and other hardscape.


Rotala Rotundifolia ‘Red’

  • Origin : Acanthaceae  A popular and well recognized stem plant originating from Southeast Asia.

  • Care level: Easy  A high dosage of iron and Plant Food fertilizer and high intensive lighting this stem plant can develop an intense red coloration. It prefers water temperature 20 – 28 °C.

  • Height: 4-8 Inches  This plant is perfect for background placement and can add some nice contrast to the usual green plants.

  • Growth: Fast  Propagation is like any other stem plant, simply cut anywhere along the stem and replace. This plant grows relatively fast so frequent pruning is recommended to keep it growing thick and prevent the bottom leaves from getting starved off of lighting.