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4 Rows LED
Power: 18W
Size: 350mm x 80mm
Suitable aquarium: 40-50cm
Colour: Red, Green, Blue & White
Changable Colour: 3 Options RGB, RGB+White, Blue & White


Filter Media Black Small Bio Balls 3cm - 100pcs / 2L


  • Biosphere is a hollow sphere made of plastic material. It has a large surface area and can attach a large number of nitrifying bacteria.
  • When water flows through, there will be no resistance. The hollow structure can divide water into fine streams and smash large dirt. The filtering effect is excellent.

-Betta Tower Aquarium Clear plastic aquarium with frame
-Easy-Feed Cover
-Decorative background


Suitable for Discus and all Tropical Fishes.
Feeding Guidelines-
Feed your fish 2 – 3 times a day as much as they can consume in a few minutes. Remove the uneaten fish food after the feeding time Ingredients – Fish and fish derivatives, vegetable protein extract, cereals, derivatives of vegetable origin, molluscs and crustaceans, yeast, minerals, algae, oils and fats.


Microsorum Pteropus ‘Windelov’

  • Origin : Polypodiaceae  Named after Tropica’s founder Holger Windeløv.

  • Care level: Easy  It can tolerate wide range of water parameter 4 – 30°C, it prefer low light and addition of C02 for best result.

  • Height: 5-7 Inches  If planted in the bottom the horizontal rhizome must not be covered.

  • Growth: Slow  Propagation is done by snipping off a section of rhizome with a few leaves attached.


4 Rows LED
Power: 30W
Size: 450mm x 80mm
Suitable aquarium: 40-50cm
Colour: Red, Green, Blue & White
Changable Colour: 3 Options RGB, RGB+White, Blue & White



Precautions for use : Before starting up the filter, must ensure the water in filter is no less than the lowest waterline, otherwise, it can’t pump out water and can affect the service life of pump. Cleaning the filter must be done when the power is off. To ensure the filter can be re-started up after the power is off, please keep the water level of aquarium above the lowest waterline.


Crinum Calamistratum

  • Origin : Amaryllidaceae  An interesting bulbaceous plant that originates from Central Africa.

  • Care level: Moderate  Low light, soft water, water temperature 20° – 28° C and the addition of CO2 can help with enticing this plant to flower.

  • Height: 7-11 Inches  The smallest of the Crinum plants found in the aquarium hobby, though its leaves can still attain a height of up to 48 inches.

  • Growth: Slow  It can be propagated by removing and replanting smaller daughter plants from the main bulb.


4 Rows LED
Power: 36W
Size: 550mm x 80mm
Suitable aquarium: 55-60cm
Colour: Red, Green, Blue & White
Changable Colour: 3 Options RGB, RGB+White, Blue & White


Anubias barteri var. Coffeefolia

  • Origin : Araceae  Native in West Africa.

  • Care level: Easy  Water temperature range from 22 to 27 °C and low to moderate lighting is recommended. CO2 injection will yield better growth.

  • Height: 4-6 Inches   This plant grows very slowly when cultivated sumbersed. It has a creeping rhizome and should (all other varieties of Anubias barteri) be bound to rocks or driftwood with twine.

  • Growth: Slow to Moderate  Propagation is easy and straightforward, simply cut or pull apart rhizomes to be replanted. Make sure to keep the rhizomes above your substrate or the plant can begin to rot.


Albino Black Neon Tetra

They are a popular community fish with their black and white body and nice red eyes.



Nymphaea ‘Tiger Lotus’

  • Origin : Nymphaeaceae  Native in Africa.

  • Care level: Easy  Under high light and with the addition of CO2 and fertilizers and water temperature 15-30 °C the leaves can turn deep red with speckles of orange and brown throughout.

  • Height: 4-6 Inches Ideal placement is midground.

  • Growth: Moderate  Propagates through cutting side shoots.


Egeria Densa

  • Origin : Hydrocharitaceae  Anacharis is native to North and South America, where it can grow abundantly, in some areas it is even classed as an invasive plant.

  • Care level: Easy  It prefers cooler water temperatures 16–28 °C, though it can survive in warm water as well. Fertilisers need to be added to the tank water to get the best growth results, along with a good CO2 system and low lighting.

  • Height: 4-12 Inches  It grows long stems, these will reach from the substrate right up to the surface, it has even been known to reach a height of 3 feet. The colouration of the leaves can vary from light green to a rich dark green, thickly protruding from each stem.

  • Growth: Fast  The growth rate depends largely on the amount of light and nutrition available. Propagation is done buy simply take cuttings from the mother plant and then plant these to create yet another bunch of plant.




1. Before use, soak the Bio-Foam in aquarium water for 5 minutes.

2. Connect to air pump with air tube, put anyplace in your aquarium.

3. During maintenance, always rinse the Bio-Foam with drained aquarium water only. No tap water or hot water should be used at all.

4. When re-using the Bio-Foam, do squeeze the foam in the water to remove all trapped air bubbles. This will keep the filter stay submerged.

5. Add in Ocean Free Super Battle Bacteria 8000 or 10000 for even greater filtration effect & water quality.


Eriocaulon sp. Quinquangulare 'Red'

  • Origin : Eriocaulaceae  This aquatic plant originates from India. Well distributed in tropical Asia from Pakistan to Vietnam and occurs in moist places.

  • Care level: Difficult  It grows well at steady pace in the aquarium with high intensity lighting and water temperature range from 22 – 28 °C. It is sensitive to KH and should be kept in low alkalinity water and direct flow/CO2 to the substrate zone.

  • Height: 0.3-1 Inches  It looks best as specimen plant or in a small group in the midground.

  • Growth: Medium  Propagation can be done simply by splitting the plant gently from the adult plant.


Lilaeopsis Brasiliensis

  • Origin : Apiaceae  Originated in South America.

  • Care level: Medium  Use flourite the premium substrate for aquariums, which provides essential nutrients to plant roots. Addition of Co2, water temperature 21-28° C and high intensive light is recommended. This plant also requires the regular addition of fertilizers to the aquarium, and it should have nitrate, phosphate and micro-nutrients added to the water column.

  • Height: 1-3 Inches  It will grow to a maximum size of 3 inches (7.5 cm) in a home aquarium, and will form a dense and impressive carpet if it is provided the right mix of CO2, nutrients and lighting.

  • Growth: Moderate  Propagates from runners, and the runners can be pinched off, or allowed to spread on their own.



Mydilab Tension Gon 500ml

  • Removes chlorine and & chloramine.
  • Neutralizes ammonia & heavy metal.
  • Inhibit nitrite accumulation in fish.
  • Vitamin B
  • Replaces lost and damaged protective slime coat