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Product Description:

Benefits: Controls algae growth in aquarium glass ornaments and plants. Effectively remove and prevent algae growth such as hair algae, beard algae, brown algae, blue green algae, black brush algae and many more. Will not harm fish or plants. Follow the dosage instructions on the label for best results.


Product details:

  • With crystallization technology and extraction of multiple elements, effectively eliminate snails, whelks, leeches and hydras. Protect water plants from being eaten.
  • Soak water plant in Snail Remover for 30 minutes before plating in 


Drop one(1) CO2 for every 20L of aquarium water daily. Tablet will start to release micro CO2 bubbles. It takes about 2 hours for the CO2 tablet to dissolve completely.

Remark: For planting big amount of high light aquatic plants, it is recommended to use conventional CO2 cylinder supply for better results.



Put the fertilizer under the gravel about 3-5cm deep, and about 2-3cm beside the water plant.