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  • A scientifically formulated substrate from natural soil, sintered into a soft, porous, and granular structure with excellent filtering power.
  • Sintered with organic acid ; suitable ofr shrimp, fresh water fish, and plants.
  • With its excellent filtering power, Premium Soil helps maintain stable, healthy, and clear water for a long period of time.
  • Water condition is naturally adjusted ;  ideal for aquatic plants and fish.
  • Lowers PH/KH of the water ; creates weak acid and soft water environment.
  • Decolorizes the color from driftwood.
  • Maintains water clarity for a long period of time.
  • Rapidly removes cloudiness and supports the development of aerobic bacter bacteria.

ISTA Water Plant Soil


  • Select from natural raw material
  • Especially for the growth of creatures and plants
  • Contain trace elements
  • Stabilize pH & KH value and reduce NH3/NH4
  • helps to lower the levels of ammonia and ammonium
  • Unnecessary to wash before use