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Microsorum Pteropus ‘Java fern’ | Aquarium Plant | Microsorum | NMS Aquatics
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  • Origin : Polypodiaceae  It grows along the banks of freshwater rivers and streams in Thailand, Malaysia, India and China.

  • Care level: Easy  It can tolerate low to moderate light. It prefers addition off Co2 and water temperature 15-28 °C.

  • Height: 5-11 Inches  Java fern is an epiphyte, meaning its roots attach it to something, like a piece of driftwood or tree roots, instead of rooting itself in sand or soil.

  • Growth: Slow  Propagation is done by snipping off a section of rhizome with a few leaves attached.

Microsorum Pteropus ‘Java fern’

A rhizomatous plant, meaning its leaves and roots grow from a thick horizontal stem. This way of growing is often seen in plants that have adapted to grow outside of the soil, as is also the case with Java fern.