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Benefits of OF® 3DM Bacto-Sand

  • Reduces Ammonia and Nitrite. OF 3DM Bacto-Sand’s high overall effective BET surface area (1000m²/litre) helps create a beneficial bacteria sand-bed that provides ideal conditions for billions of Beneficial Bacteria that helps break down harmful toxins like Ammonia and Nitrite.

  • Minimizes Dead Spots. OF 3DM Bacto-Sand’s rounded surface encourages water flow in the sand-bed, greatly minimizing dead spots and the subsequent build-up of harmful toxins.

  • Bottom-Feeder Friendly. The rounded surface makes it safe for the barbels of bottom-feeders like Corydoras, Loaches, etc.

  • No cleaning required. 100% sterilized and free of impurities making it 100% safe and 100% ready to use.

  • pH Neutral. Does not affect pH levels.

  • Environmentally green product. An environmentally friendly alternative which replaces the need to harvest sand from nature.