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Shiruba Power Filter XB-303 (11.5w/360lph) | Aquarium Filter | Aquarium External Filter | NMS Aquatics
Price RM169.00
Brand Shiruba
Points Needed 169
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Product Description:


-Small canister filter that can be hung over the edge of aquarium.
-For 40-80L tank using 12/16mm hose.
-Vertical and hang-on for two setting ways
-Premium quality assured
-Bio Ring + Black sponge + white filter wool included.
-Durable and easy to install
-Size :18.2cmL x12.2cmW x20.7cmH

Shiruba Power Filter XB-303 (11.5w/360lph)

All in one power filter that can be attached outside the tank or placed on table. Large filter box, additional with multiple filter materials. Separate inlet & outlet design allows water to flow to and fro for optimized filtering effect. The body made in fancy plastic to prevent from being broken. Sophisticated structure, miscellaneous accessories, easy assembly and maintenance. Special U-type and L-type soft tubes, unbendable as installed. Ideal for freshwater and marine aquariums up to 80L.